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6th March
written by admin

We are the GenXaret, and we love Jesus. Is there really any more to say than that? Well yes…we put these concerts and events on in the hopes that we may help change your life and bring you or your friend that you bring along to Christ.

2012 is going to be a huge year for us and we are hosting many great concerts for you guys. We have a few HUGE shows to announce in the upcoming weeks. If there are 500 people at the concert, and 1 person gets saved, we did our job.

Every Christian has a story as to what brought them to Christianity. Music helped save me. If it saved me, it can help save anyone. We will be using this blog for some pretty cool things in the coming weeks as well. Be sure to come out to our next concert featuring Disciple and Write This Down. One visit could change your life….it did for me.


4th March
written by admin

Within the last week, the new GenXaret website was unveiled. Now, the GenXaret blog is live! You can read the blog on the GenXaret website at or on the actual blog site at